Belzeb Wellness Clinic is an evolution of my experiences regarding self-care. These have been inspired by my own story of overcoming Fibromyalgia distress, Hormonal imbalance and sleepless nights to working through my debilitating effects of living with an autoimmune disease. With the influence of my family and the journey through my soul’s mission, I’ve learned and now teach others through their journey to awaken the healing power of illness.

It’s my passion to give every client the holistic experience of feeling their best selves.

Belzeb Wellness Clinic is not just about the aesthetics of the body — it’s about bringing wholeness to each individual. I believe the body, mind, and spirit are all meant to transform and open up like a flower so that you can show the world your radiance and perfection. And it serves as a testament that one can evolve and flourish like a lotus flower that is born out of the mud.

Dr. Laurent received her Bachelor of Science in Medical Clinical Nutritional Herbalist from Florida school of Holistic Health. Proud alumna of the Trinity School of Natural Health in Warsaw Indiana where she received her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. 

She specializes in naturopathic medical care for people suffering with Fibromyalgia, Hormonal Imbalance and Gut Health with special emphasis on the impact of environmental factors on the human body. 

At  Belzeb Wellness Clinic & Wellness Dr. Laurent provides science-based natural medicine for the prevention and treatment of common and chronic illnesses. Her approach to patient wellness begins with an in-depth analysis of the patient’s overall health, including the evaluation of external influences and lifestyle. For acute illnesses, Dr. Laurent supports the body’s innate healing process through time-tested natural remedies and therapeutics.

 Dr. Laurent offers her service an online video appointment from the comfort of your home, we are here for you.